Mikawachi ware (三川内焼 Mikawachi-yaki) 
This form of porcelain has a 400 year history from the Hirado clan and production in Nagasaki, Japan.

Mikawachi ware is colored by the white porcelain which components are the natural ceramic stones. (The white color of Mikawachi ware is called the purest white - the real white color that pursued the limits of pure white.) 

Highly technical handiwork in details, such as sukashibori (openwork), haritsuke (pasting), okiage (painting white pattern by the brush with a little clay), and hakutai (white porcelain).

The Hiradokakusho Kiln has practiced the traditional sometsuke (in underglaze blue) technique and made the white porcelain with the profound color based on white and wet feeling dyeing texture touch. Their work is truly notable.

Dimensions (in):3 dia x 4.25 H

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