Organic Matcha Love Starter Kit (YELLOW)

Organic Matcha Love Starter Kit (YELLOW)


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Start your Valentine’s Day with love! The Matcha Starter Kit is the perfect gift for your tea loving special person. Express your gratefulness by letting them relax and drink a warm cup of healthy and delicious Matcha. Decorated with a shimmering red ribbon to convey that joyful love you feel for your special ones!

Box Size
Dimensions (in): 5 L x 5 W x 7 H

This kit has everything you need to create the Matcha drink you love. Matcha (green tea powder) and authentic tools make it easy for you to develop the skills to whip up a fresh bowl of antioxidant-rich Matcha for yourself or your guests.

Matcha Bowl ($40)
This Matcha bowl features a glossy yellow finish with a textured feel.
Dimensions (in): 4.75 dia x 3.5 H

Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen) ($22)
Whisk up a delicious cup! Authentic, traditional Matcha whisk for preparing Matcha.

Matcha Organic ($22)
1 oz (28g)   Matcha Organic is made from shade-grown green tea leaves from Japan and has a smooth, mellow taste. This Matcha has a very pleasant green color as well. It is organically grown and only limited quantity is available each year.

Bamboo Chashaku (Matcha Tea Scoop) ($8)
This traditional chashaku is ideal for scooping Matcha Powder into your Matcha Bowl. 

The Matcha bowl will be wrapped in paper for protection purposes during transit.

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