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Places to Watch: SHUHARI Matcha Café

January/February, 2017

In the latest issue, Imbibe shares where to get inspired in 2017. Pick up the issue today to learn more about SHUHARI, a.k.a "Abbot Kinney's best idea yet". 

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The Art of Matcha with Shuhari Café

December, 2016

If you are a tea lover — or just curious for a taste — visit Shuhari’s storefront on Abbot Kinney Blvd. during your next visit to LA. You’re in for a treat. Learn more about the art of Matcha by viewing our recent interview with "The Elysian Edit". 

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The 5 most creative matcha concoctions you have to try in Los Angeles

December, 2016

Los Angeles is going green, and, no, we’re not talking about the new bag legislation in California. Matcha, a finely ground green tea, has been taking the city by storm. SHUHARI's matcha sundae made Time Out Los Angeles' five most creative matcha concoctions in L.A. right now.

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10 Gifts Way Better Than Anything You’ll Find at the Mall

December, 2016

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? The Brite Stuff shares 10 gift ideas better than anything you'll find at the mall, including a SHUHARI Matcha Set. 

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SHUHARI Matcha Café | Fast Bites

December, 2016

Discover SHUHARI Matcha Café in Venice, California’s Abbott Kinney area, which serves fast bites that feed your soul. Take a look inside Joy Donnell's visit at the tranquil Abbott Kinney café.

Read more at vanichi.com. 

“Matcha-in-Everything” Heads 2016 Ethnic-Centered Food Trends

November, 2016

Matcha was one of the “hot trends” of 2016! See SHUHARI Matcha Café in this matcha-inspired roundup from Local Food Eater. 

Read more at localfoodeater.com.

SHUHARI Matcha Café | Venice Beach's Favorite Matcha Haven

November, 2016

Brielle, of The Gilded Bellini recently discovered SHUHARI Matcha Café in Venice Beach, a small, trendy matcha café that spotlights a ton of green tea drinks and Japanese fusion fare. She's always been a fan of matcha, but never knew too much about the history behind it. During her visit she discovered the world of delicious and unexpected food and drink out there that are made with matcha! 

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Event- SHUHARI Matcha Café

November, 2016

Last week, the Lil' Mamas took a trip to Venice Beach in order to check out the latest craze to hit Abbot Kinney! SHUHARI Matcha Café, the first and only authentic Japanese green tea café, is steeping up tradition and brewing it with a modern twist!

Read more at thelilmamas.com.


Do You Matcha? A New Twist On Tea Time With SHUHARI Matcha Café

October, 2016

Angelenos go wild for healthy snacks and beverages. There might be more juice shops than Starbucks around Los Angeles. But LATF USA discovered a beverage treat that takes healthy drinking and tea time to a whole new level.

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A guide to LA’s anti-coffee culture

October, 2016

While there are still some coffee-date holdouts, Los Angeles has recently seen a marked shift away from the traditional caffeine fix in favour of alternative, oftentimes super-healthy, drinks. From downtown to the beach, cafés and shops have popped up slinging a different kind of brew: tea, kombucha and other wholesome herbal or juice blends. Iced, hot, frozen, mixed with boba pearls or smooth, it’s a new day in a city where Starbucks has never been less cool. In LA, matcha has become mucho prevalent, and there’s even a soft-serve take on green juice. Consider your thirst quenched.

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The Best Artisanal Tea Shops in LA

September, 2016


Craft coffee may have been getting all the attention in LA over the last few years, but now tea – its chiller caffeinated brother – is also picking up some steam. Artisanal tea bars and shops are popping up all over town, where you can sip on cups that are nitro-chilled or brewed perfectly in state-of-the-art machines. Here’s where to get your next-level tea fix.

Read more at thrillist.com.

SHUHARI Matcha Café & All Nippon Airways award local ‘Fly Me to Japan’ sweepstakes winner with trip to Japan 

September, 2016

In conjunction with All Nippon Airways, SHUHARI hosted an award presentation on Tuesday, Sept. 13 to honor the grand prize winner of its recent ‘Fly Me to Japan’ Sweepstakes. The grand prize winner, Carissa Caparas, was awarded two free round-trip tickets to visit Japan-the source for all of SHUHARI’s green teas.

Read more at asianjournal.com.

SHUHARI Matcha Café Abbot Kinney Venice

September, 2016 

Kelly at Tasting Page was never a coffee drinker. Coffee also never tasted that good to her. She liked the smell much more than the taste. She does like tea and became quite the tea drinker when she lived in England. Then she visited Japan, and witnessed the beauty and ritual of authentic tea ceremonies, and shortly after, fell in love with matcha. So, she was thrilled to hear that SHUHARI Matcha Café was brining Japanese green tea to Abbot Kinney in Venice.

Read more at tastingpage.com.

Abbot Kinney According to the Ladies of Stone Cold Fox

September, 2016

The Chalkboard spent the day in Venice with the ladies of Stone Cold Fox at their new flagship shop. Find out what they’re loving, where they’re going and which matcha latte they can’t get enough of. 

Read more at thechalkboardmag.com. 

The Most Authentic Matcha Tea Has Arrived in LA

September, 2016

Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Los Angeles is known as the part of town where you can buy $39 hand soap, luxury performance vegan cosmetics, and Swedish designer socks all within a few steps. Now, you will be able to add “legit matcha tea” to that list.

Read more at munchies.vice.com.

SHUHARI Yuzu Matcha Sparkler (Drink of the Week)

August, 2016

Matcha, the powdered green tea that’s popular to drink (or used as an ingredient) in Japan, is starting to have its moment in the United States. Joshua Lurie featured our Yuzu Matcha Sparkler as the Food GPS "Drink of the Week". 

Read more at foodgps.com. 

The Dish: Traditional Japanese green tea meets innovative flavors at SHUHARI Matcha Café in Venice

August, 2016

On the Take Two summer food series, the Dish, takes a look at all the great eats in Southern California included the newest addition to Abbot Kinney: SHUHARI Matcha Café. Learn the story behind SHUHARI's name, and combining traditional and modern Japanese flavors, as well as see a sundae demonstration. 

Learn more at scpr.org.

11 New and 'Coming Soon' Venice Restaurants'

July, 2016

Lincoln & Rose shares the newest up and coming Venice restaurants.  With matcha being the new black, who wouldn't want to try the 40 handcrafted tea drinks? With American tastes in mind, SHUHARI offers traditional sencha and gyokuro teas to the not-so-traditional creamy matcha lattes and bubbly sparkling matchas.

Read more at lincolnandrose.com.

LA Drinks: SHUHARI Matcha Café

July, 2016

As Abbot Kinney’s latest addition, the new matcha café has a lot to live up to when compared to the rest of the establishments on Venice’s hippest street. Despite there being an abundance of places to buy a beverage on this street, Shuhari is the first Japanese green tea shop.

Read more at theblondera.com.

New Global Café Concept Updates Ancient Japanese Matcha Tea

July, 2016

Learn why Taku H. Maeda chose Venice, California to launch SHUHARI Matcha Café, representing an updated ancient, classic Japanese concept going global. Chef and Menu Developer, Michael Bower Johnston, described his process as “combining the texture-driven Asian palate with the more flavor-oriented Western one.”

Read more at localfoodeater.com.

Matcha Green Tea Mecca Brings Japan To Venice

July, 2016

A Japanese green tea-obsessed café with roots across the Pacific just landed in Venice—and they're making a splash with their sparkling matcha sodas and sliders drizzled with tart ume-mayo.

Read more at laist.com.

National Fried Chicken Day, LA Food Fest and Other Tasty Tuesday News Bites

July, 2016

Venice Beach gets a cool matcha spot on July 7. Expect SHUHARI Matcha Café to serve drinks and small bites like sliders, rice balls and Kasutera, an airy sponge cake flown in from Japan.

Read more at welikela.com. 

Authentic SHUHARI Matcha Café comes to California

June, 2016

The first and only authentic Japanese green tea café, SHUHARI Matcha Café comes to the heart of Venice backed by Maeda-en USA, a green tea distributor founded by green tea aficionado Taku H. Maeda in 1984, as well as the Cool Japan Fund, a public-private fund that supports the development of overseas demand for Japanese products and services. SHUHARI Matcha Café will serve an expertly curated selection of the highest quality of Japanese green tea in a contemporary, laid-back environment showing its guests that it’s more than just a drink, but a new way of balanced living.

Read more at localfoodeater.com.

Going full matcha: Where to find matcha-infused doughnuts, tiramisu and cocktails

June, 2016

There's an influx of restaurants and dedicated cafés offering matcha service around town, including the upcoming SHUHARI on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Read more at latimes.com.

Los Angeles Restaurant News

May, 2016

SHUHARI Matcha Café will open in Summer 2016 on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. At this authentic Japanese green tea café, patrons can pick from more than 40 handcrafted tea beverages.

Read more at gayot.com. 

Venice Will Sport a New Matcha Green Tea Café

May, 2016

There are plenty of coffee shops proliferating the "coolest block in America" a.k.a. Abbott Kinney Blvd in Venice. But now, Green Tea World USA will open the first Japanese green tea café on the stretch, SHUHARI Matcha Café.

Read more at la.eater.com.