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Effects and Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is Japan’s Superfood

When you think about superfoods, things like acai berries and chia seeds might be the first foods that come to mind.  Well, Japan has its own superfood too and it’s called Matcha! Used around the world in making sweets and lattes, matcha is not only tasty but also boasts many health benefits as well.  Today I would like to talk about its health, healing, and beautifying effects.


Healing Matcha

Matcha possesses various mental and physical healing abilities.  Key amino acids inside matcha have a relaxing effect and are great for providing stress relief.  Matcha also contains caffeine to elevate your mood and relieve fatigue.  Also, a nutrient inside called theanine relaxes your brain and enhances your ability to concentrate!


The Healthy Tea, Matcha

Matcha is a tea that is great for your health.  It is loaded with vitamins and a great way to boost your immune system.  Matcha also contains a lot of theanine, a nutrient that improves quality of sleep, so regular consumption can promote sound sleep.  Not only that, but the dietary fibers inside matcha help fight against constipation as well.  Above all else, Matcha can also help reduce your risk of strokes as well as skin, breast, and liver cancer.  In this day and age where cancer is on the rise, these effects are most welcome.


Beautifying Effects of Matcha

In addition to its health and healing benefits, matcha tea is good for your appearance as well!  Matcha is rich in vitamins.  Vitamin C which helps fight spots and freckle, vitamin E for skin protection, and vitamin A for skin moisture retention and keratinization defense. Matcha is the tea that does it all!  The catechin and vitamin E inside also possess antiaging effects that help fight spots, wrinkles and sagging.  Drinking matcha regularly can also help fight against fat so it’s a great diet addition for men and women alike!

So as you can see, matcha contains a wide variety of nutrients and provides many positive health effects.  Other teas are healthy too, but since matcha is made by adding ground up tea leaves directly into hot water, no nutrients are lost and its health effects are even stronger.  If you don’t want to go out and buy a tea set to make your own, why not try it in a latte or in ice cream first?   Every cup of Matcha brings you closer to healthy and stress-free living!